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October 29th, 2013

Mortar Explores Organic Food; Gets Uncomfortably Hungry While Doing It.

When you’re surrounded by more ads for cloud services than actual clouds, you begin to question whether Bay Area residents ever consume anything that doesn’t come with a heaping side of hashtags. So we consider it a treat when we’re able to work on a brand that sells real, tangible products you can eat – commonly known as “food.”

New Leaf Community Markets is an organic grocery store chain that began in Santa Cruz and gradually spread its way around the Bay Area. After opening a new store in Pleasanton, New Leaf saw an opportunity to introduce themselves to their neighbors through a more distinctive brand. In other words, they wanted to show people they aren’t just a mini version of Whole Foods. We started by crafting a tagline that captures their mission to deliver the freshest, most sustainable, local, and organic products possible. “Purveyors of goodness” encapsulates that idea, and gives New Leaf the approachable neighborhood feel they were after.

New leaf_poster_11x17_texturedbkrnd_for blog

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October 25th, 2013

Another Website, Another Excuse to Look at Chest Models.

If someone asked you to wear a heavy, clunky necklace attached to wires that connect to electrodes all over your chest, we doubt your answer would be “Sure!” Same goes for every heart patient whose doctor prescribes them a Holter monitor. The device looks like something out of a bad sci-fi movie. It’s no shocker it was invented in 1949.

Problem is, too many medical devices are designed purely from a physician or engineer’s point of view, which blindly brushes aside the most important audience of all: the patient. Like any sensible group of human beings, Corventis had an inkling there was a smarter way to monitor heart conditions besides a big bulky mess of wires. Continue reading

October 17th, 2013

We Want a Media Supervisor, or Senior Media Planner, or a Puppy.

Mortar is growing its media business and in need of a type “A” Sr. Media Planner or Media Supervisor ready to win over the world. We want someone hungry for the challenge and willing to go the extra mile at every turn. This is an exceptional opportunity to work with a great agency dedicated to doing great work and providing outstanding media solutions for our clients who range from natural gas to hospitals, medical devices to the cloud, and universities to high-end printing. No lack of variety indeed.

In return, the sky’s the limit. We’re a small agency, which means all you need are the right attitude and drive to be a success here at the ol’ Mortar. Take a look at our site and you’ll see, a) we love bacon and b) we’re passionate about what we do – and we look for like-minded individuals. We also love puppies, if you’d like to bring us one.

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