Archive: May 2013
May 30th, 2013

A Campaign a 5-Year-Old Could Have Done.

This one goes out to all our elementary school teachers. To the straight-edged disciplinarians who scrubbed our mouths out with soap. Look at us now, Mrs. Vierk. For our most recent digital campaign just proved that poop jokes can sell.

Meet Lumension. They provide IT security solutions for businesses. It used to be enough to install antivirus software on your network and call it a day. But in recent years, malware has become so sophisticated and pervasive that antivirus alone is no longer enough. To be truly protected, businesses now need both antivirus and something called application control.

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May 23rd, 2013

Somewhere In This City, A Brand Manager Is Drunk And Weeping.

If there’s one thing we’ve always preached on the mighty Mortarblog, it’s this: Be brave. Be honest. Be nice. (OK, that’s three things. We’re bad at rules. You should know that by now. Hush.) And we dearly love to point out examples of these qualities. So allow us to stand up and applaud the stones on Mazda’s brand team – it takes a ton-and-a-half of those to hand the keys to your brand to Sir-Doctor Stephen T. Colbert, DFA.  “Did he just call it an Oldsmoblile? Did he just say “Mazda, It’s What’s For Dinner?” But that doesn’t follow the Brand Guidelines!”

You’re right, Imaginary Brand Manager’s Brain, it doesn’t. But – hey, put that tequila down – your customers don’t follow them, either. Because your customers are people. And they love it when you treat them like people.



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May 13th, 2013

A Whiff of Something Strong.

Have you seen those giant baby fists towering over Highway 101? Who did those billboards, you ask? And where did they find a baby the size of Bigfoot?

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